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At demo7.ezcapper.com you can make real sports bets for free. We deposit $0.25 play money in your account when you register (registration is 100% free, no purchase, deposit, or obligation is required). You must win 7 bets in a row risking your entire account balance for each bet. If you win 7 bets in a row, we unlock your account balance and convert it into real cash so you can request a withdrawal or keep on betting at your own will. If you lose, we'll just give you another $0.25 to play with and so on. Measure your sports betting skills against your friends! We offer moneyline, spread, and total lines for football, basketball, baseball, and hockey year round for you to make straight bets on.

This website was started by sports industry insiders who realized that having a place to make picks for real cash, with no cost or risk would be a fun and entertaining way to pass the time.

Don't Gamble With Your Money - Win Without the Risk!

demo7.ezcapper.com is not a gambling website. It's a free game that gives you the chance to win real cash, without risking a penny of your own money.

demo7.ezcapper.com offers a new way to participate in the financial upside of betting games, without the downside. Players can't lose money - they can only win. The website is a dream come true for the millions of American sports fans who can now legally bet sports every day without any financial or legal risk. It's all the upside without any downside.

The idea to offer a legal and free form of betting sports came when the United States Government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006. With the launch of demo7.ezcapper.com, sports bettors now have an outlet to bet sports, legally and with the opportunity to make a profit without risking a dime.

demo7.ezcapper.com offers a free, legal way to bet sports with play money for the opportunity to win real money. The service is completely free to players. Advertisers who want to reach a desirable demographic of young affluent individuals provide the initial stake for players. If a player ever runs out of money, they are just given more to play with. If they are successful enough, players can cash out for real money - dollar for dollar.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our service.

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demo7.ezcapper.com is a totally free sports betting website. We allow you to bet with "Play Money" for a chance to win real cash. Our service is completely

ad-supported, meaning that it is fully paid for by our advertisers. ABSOLUTELY NO PURCHASE, DEPOSIT, OR OBLIGATION IS REQUIRED.